We believe that the Constitution of the United States of America grants American citizens economic rights, and we endeavour to protect and support those rights.

Our fundamental objective is to preserve the economic stability of the American middle-class, across all occupational sectors, by ensuring that interaction between economic, labor, trade, and guest worker policies is fluid and mutually reinforcing.


Rescue American Jobs unifies the American workforce – American citizens and permanent residents – across all industries and occupations to safeguard the American middle class standard of living and economic security.

We are the voice of the American workforce in the global economy, across our nation, and in our communities. We promote the need for stability within the American workforce for the security of the American and global economies.

An overview of our awareness programs, projects, activities, events, and campaigns.

We organize and unite American workers, across party lines, across traditional occupational boundaries, and across all walks of life for the common goal of saving the future of the American middle class. We present a national united front with local presence in voting districts across America.

Public Awareness & Education

The American public, even individuals directly affected, are often unaware of the effects of non-immigrant worker programs and offshoring on unemployment and economics in the new global economy. We educate the American public and bring awareness to the implications of economic policy, trade policy, and guest worker programs through media awareness and public awareness campaigns.

Media Campaigns & Reporting

We provide unbiased research, data, and information to the national, local, and international media outlets. Often “experts” quoted in the news are special interest lobbyists or corporate spokespersons whose special interests are expressed in their views. We aim to ensure balanced reporting by providing the media with contacts for unbiased experts to aide in thier reporting, including researchers, economists, and sociologists.

Judicial Action & Reform

Rescue American Jobs and A.W.A.R.E. (American Workforce Alliance for Responsible Employment) are helping American workers use the judicial system to fight employer discrimination against U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Legislative Action & Reform

The Rescue American Jobs outreach program actively works with the legislative branch of the government to ensure the rights of the American workforce and our American economy are protected in the new global economy. We are actively working to educate elected officials on the economic and security consequences of the H-1B and L-1 visa programs. We are working to lobby legislators to rollback the H-1B visa quota, implement protections for American workers, and require government agencies to enforce said protections.

Campaign & Election Participation

We register new voters and educate voters on the need to vote based on issue, based on prior voting records for incumbents, and not based on party lines that have been blurred and corrupted by corporate and foreign special interests.

Both Community-Level and Web-Based Organizing

We provide the framework for activists to organize nationally via our web based communities and at the community level as voting constituents. We believe it is important to get web activists out of their computer chairs and into their communities, making connections, spreading awareness, and campaigning for change. We believe it is important for constituent voters to demand change from their elected officials. We believe that effective activism starts at home, in our communities, in our neighbourhoods, in our churches.