We help American Employees win in the job marketplaceWelcome to Rescue American Jobs.

Our sole goal is to help the current citizens of United States to find meaningful jobs and current employees to have their existing rights respected.

After hearing hundreds of horror stories of current legal workers in the US being fired illegally, just so businesses can make room for undocumented workers, we were forced to come together. We even had lawyers from the car accident industry working with us now. Some hail from the north to all the way from central US near the Michigan area. As reported by the IIHS.

Plus we’ve seen it all.

From issuing invoices and receipts that are in accurate for the workforce from the beginning (So management can fire them for reasonable cause), to sacrificing quality and integrity in the name of profits by scheduling their employees irregularly, there is a war going on against the home grown and legal American worker.

Well that’s why we are here.

Here to serve the American employee.

Letter From The Founder:

Those workers are Tata Consulting(TCS) India employees. TCS India transfers their employees from TCS India to TCS USA using the congressional H-1b work visas and L-1 work visas (“intra-company transfer” work visas). Their goal, the jobs we did. Jobs in the marketing, sales, business and consulting field. Once the training was completed the Americans were laid off. So many of our US brands have either moved off shore or gone completely out of business. Gibson guitars and instruments being just one of them as per a report fromĀ LA Times.

Our management brought the Americans into a room and told them they would be laid off. But first they said, “we want you to train your replacements”. They held out a carrot for the Americans, a severance; “stay on and we’ll give you this severance when you leave.”

Now, Is this fair to American citizens? Believe me, it is happening all over the country and our congressional leaders will not help us. To name a few, JP Morgan Tampa, Siemens Energy & Automotive Atlanta, American Express, Siemens Shared Services Orlando.

In fact Siemens Shared Services used the L-1 work visas to replace their Accounts Payable staff with Indians from India. It’s not just the Information Technology industry that is targeted.

Over 8 months of begging and pleading for help from the likes of FL Senator Bob Graham(D), FL Senator Bill Nelson(D) and FL Representative John L. Mica(R) have gotten us nowhere.

Tata Consulting India has done this so many times they have become complacent. They put their entire replacement project documentation( 500MB/800 documents) on the shared drive at Siemens. Among those documents are the “infamous” knowledge transition documents.

That would be knowledge transfer from American workers to foreign workers; right here in Lake Mary, FL. Those documents were provided to the U.S. Dept of Justice, U.S. Dept of Labor, INS, Senators and Representatives. Did they do anything? Not a chance in hell.

You’d think your US representative would care about Americans being pushed out of the industry by foreigners on H-1b and L-1 visas. Not ours. Our representative, Rep John L. Mica was in contact with Siemens.

For whom do you think Mica cares for? His corporations or his constituents?

What I’m getting at is our displacement is not about replacing has-been COBOL programmers. It is about replacing Americans with up-to-date integral knowledge of start-of-the-art technology.

I’m the luckiest of the ex-Siemens workers, I located another job, but that cannot be said about most of my ex-coworkers. Many are still unemployed, some have spent 401K funds to survive. One person changed careers. He is now doing landscaping after a 23 year career in IT.

I found documents on the server that listed the families of our replacement workers. Some have children of school age. So it is highly likely that the property taxes of the displaced/replaced American citizens will pay for the education of their replacements children.

Is this fair to American citizens?

We’ve spent the last 8 months dealing with the DOL, INS, DOJ, Senators and Congress Representatives. No one will help American citizens.

This was the most demoralizing time of my life. The worst part was not Siemens nor TCS, nor the Indians. The worst part was the lack of support from our political leaders.

Here are a few quotes from the news report (and from our replacement workers in Lake Mary, FL):

Steven Cooper WKMG Problem Solvers Investigative Reporter:
“In my 15 years of investigative reporting very little gets my interest, but this story is fascinating”

Terri Spitz WKMG Problem Solvers Producer: tspitz@wkgm.com
“We realize the magnitude of this story and we are doing everything we can to get our news report to the masses (even outside our market).”

Sunil Kumbhare, Tata Consulting Project Leader, an L-1 visa holder working in Lake Mary, FL: “We have to get our money before the Chinese do.”

Amarpreet Singh and Swayambikash Panda Tata Consulting employees, L-1 visa holders from India: When asked if they were paying taxes the answer was “I don’t know”. Now, how do you not know if you are paying taxes?

Thank you for your time and interest.


Dan Robbins
Rescue American Jobs

Offshoring American Workforce Jobs

America must not lose its industrial base, technological advantage, and food production to offshoring, or we risk losing our quality employees. This is not only hurting us in the everyday job markets but also in the healthcare and medical departments well.

Our International trade policies and agreements must work toward leveling the standard of living throughout the world upward to the American standard of living rather than leveling the American standard of living downward toward that of developing nations through offshoring too much too fast.
Prohibit tax dollars from being used to hire personnel outsourced offshore or guest worker labor.

Politicians must take a strong stance on keeping the American industrial base strong and keeping American research and development in the U.S. for new technologies rather than shipping these essential industries offshore. In fact, even old industries such as textile, auto industry, diy guitar manufacturers (Major brands are bankrupt now), and the list goes on. These industries are either finished or are now going offshore to survive.

We must take a strong stance on keeping all production of military and defense goods and services in the U.S and give employees who are legally here a much better future.

We must work toward a “zero” trade imbalance. A trade deficit/surplus of “0” within the next 10-15 years with measured progress each year.

Trade, labor, and economic policies must be fluid and mutually reinforcing.

Rescind Fast Track Authority

Moratorium on anymore trade agreements. International trade and foreign policies must promote the development of middle class societies in other countries. China, India, and other offenders must stop artificially deflating the value of their currency, and it must stop pegging that deflated currency to the U.S. dollar. These countries must allow their currencies to float on the world market.

Rescind all tax incentives for offshoring and provide tax incentives for companies that keep jobs in the U.S.
Anti-dumping laws must be strengthened and strictly enforced.

Tariffs & import taxes and quotas must be continuously updated level the playing field — to give consumers a real choice — to protect our domestic workforce from unfair competition of low-wage production.

Import duties must be proposed and implemented that will eliminate the advantage of low wages and foreign worker exploitation for production of imports. Such duties should be based on the degree of wage differences by industry sector. Such duties shall not be imposed on foreign countries that have wage levels comparable to those in the US; inasmuch as their products are manufactured by their local workforce.

Where market dependence has developed for certain imported goods, import taxes may be graduated over a period of years to allow time for outsourcing of production of the goods by foreign companies to the US.
Imported products must comply with all U.S. safety standards (e.g., UL testing).

Institute and enforce strict, severe penalties for American businesses and buyers who knowingly or willingly purchase imported products that violate safety, quality, patent, or copyright laws.

Impose a five year import ban on foreign businesses who import or export any product that violates U.S. trade agreements, safety, quality, patent, or copyright laws.

Enforce labor standards in countries where we have trade agreements: a regulated minimum wage at or above the poverty threshold, right to collective bargaining, elimination of child labor, coerced, and forced labor, and non-discrimination employment enforcement.

U.S. Commerce Policies

Institute laws that require all products sold in the U.S. to state clearly on prominent labeling the percentage of components that are made in the U.S.

Pass laws that create tax credits and benefits to companies that invest in American capital instead of foreign capital. Include a provision that the tax credit must be paid back to the U.S. government if the American capital is transferred to foreign capital at a later date.

Create a cabinet-level position of Industrial Secretary who is responsible for overseeing the sustenance of the manufacturing sector.

Consumers must be notified prior to purchase if their information will be sent outside of the U.S. If happening after the purchase, the company must obtain explicit permission.

Government spending and contracts

  • Government funds must employ American workers and no longer offshore outsource.
  • Government procurement must give first consideration to American-made products.
  • The Department of Defense must not purchase sensitive/secure products and services from foreign nations.
  • For our national security, we must manufacture all products (including 100% of their components) within the United States, using American citizen labor, without reliance on foreign sources or services.
  • U.S. patent and copyright laws must be enforced in all countries with which we trade.
  • Unfriendly nations must not be used in the production of sensitive/secure products.
  • Defense contractors must not buy sensitive/secure components from foreign nations.
  • Defense contractors must stop using foriegn labor in sensitive projects & production.
  • When a company moves production to a country that does not enforce American copyright, patent, or trademark laws, drop all protections in the U.S. for those same products.

Free Trade Agreements and International Treaties

The Fast Track program must be abolished. Use the “Super 301” legislation that requires U.S. trade representatives to identify every foreign country that has trade barriers to U.S. products and enforce legislation that to end trade barriers or face WTO sanctions or loss of trade with the U.S.

The Department of Commerce and U.S. Customs Department must be held responsible for enforcing the protective provisions already included in our International trade agreements.

NAFTA and GATT must be renegotiated and replaced with a new trade agreement that balances trade between our countries and works toward building a strong middle class within Mexico.

The WTO must either accept social responsibility for labor, environmental, anti-dumping, and intellectual property, or the U.S. must withdraw from the WTO.

Agriculture, a strong industrial base, and advanced technology are critical to our nation’s sovereignty, national security, and economic prosperity. These sectors must be protected above all others.

The U.S. must retain its ability to produce food and feed its population without dependence on other countries.

The U.S. must retain its ability to produce its own industrial, military, and essential living products in order to preserve our ability to self sustain during a time of war.

The U.S. must retain its technological advantage, intellectual property, and industrial secrets. Industrial espionage laws must be enforced, and foreign guest workers in technology fields must be carefully screened and may never be allowed from unfriendly or potentially unfriendly countries.

The Federal Trade Commission must be tasked and held accountable for balancing the national trade deficit:
Eliminate occupational requirements for worker retraining programs for workers whose jobs are offshored.

Attempt to staff worker retraining centres with newly retrained displaced workers.

Establish consumer right to know laws for commercial calls (incoming and outgoing). Operators must give an ID (name or number) and their location (city and state or country).

Establish privacy laws that ensure consumers know the origin of development and maintenance of applications and databases related to consumer information.

SEC filings must include number of jobs offshored, number of foreign guest workers, number of U.S. citizens and permanent residents employed.

BLS must collect offshoring and guest worker data: how many, where, occupations, companies, etc.
Restore layoff tracking.