Artificial Intelligence, often called AI plays large roles in adding complexity to equipment and programs that people used on a daily basis. This is the type of work that an artificial intelligence programmer does. Keep reading below to see what this career field is about.

Definition of AI Programmers
An AI programmer is able to develop the operating software that will be used on AI programs, robots, and other applications. They may even work with robotic or electrical engineers to create systems that use AI. This can mean that capability of changing or adapting based on data being added. It may even mean that a system is programmed to search for certain conditions and then respond based on that information. For instance, the programming can allow robots to learn to interact with humans or other robots. They may also program other systems which are designed to only do certain things during specific conditions.

AI programmers can specialize in creating software for systems and robots. Most people are able to experience the work of AI programmers every day when they use a search engine. They are able to allow search engines to make conclusions about what a person is searching for even if there are spelling mistakes. AI programmers can also work on things like military weapons, facial recognition software and video games.
Education Needed

In order to be an AI programmer you need to have a bachelorís degree in order to get into an entry level position within this field. Common areas for this include Artificial Intelligence, engineering, robotics, and computer science. AI programmers are able to get training and experience using programming languages like LISP, and Java. It is also recommended that philosophy and psychology be taken as well.

Skills Needed
AI programmers will need to be able to do calculations and have great math skills to do so. They also need to have great computer skills so that software can be designed and developed. AI programmers will need communication skills because objectives will need to be clarified to team members and they may also be responsible for supervising programmers as part of their duties. They may also have unique challenges so problem solving skills are a must.

Career Outlook and Salary
The BLS has stated that there are no specific statistics for AI programmers, but they could be classified under a software developer. Based on information from 2016, a software developer made a median income of $103,000 and that there is a 17% growth expected in this field by 2026.


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